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Work together with our experienced Therapists and Practitioners to identify your 
personal treatment goals.  We want to help you work towards a pain and tension free lifestyle.  
We will supply you with the tools and treatments to help you relieve existing pain and tension, 
decrease stress and anxiety, help you work towards building a positive, balanced, healthy lifestyle
 and to avoid future injury.

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Massage Therapists in Toronto
Registered Massage Therapy and 
Complimentary Health Care Services
We pride ourselves on high quality care and personal service.  

At The Therapy Studio we’ll work with you to help you enhance your overall health and well being.

We strive to offer you optimal muscular and skeletal care by utilizing the multiple skill set of our very experienced Massage Therapy Team. 

Our therapists take care to focus on your specific treatment needs.  Our goals are to help you relieve chronic tension for good or deal with acute pain immediately. 

The Owner and founder of The Therapy Studio, Louise Abbott, has been a Registered Massage Therapist since 2003.  She has developed a deep understanding of the body and its various systems, and how stress and injury can wear down our immune function and, ultimately, effect our overall health. 

Her experience comes from working in various healthcare areas such as Mental Health, Neurological Health and Rehabilitation clinics which has given her a true appreciation for the kind of relief and reprieve that many of our clients are searching for.  

Her background in Public Relations and Communications allows her to stay connected to new approaches to health care management and keeps The Therapy Studio current in the ever growing field of alternative therapy. 

She and her team are positive people with a huge desire to share their strong belief that "we all have the power to change our lives through good health and good living"

Her natural networking abilities has allowed Louise to align with incredibly talented chiropractors, naturopaths, physiotherapists, registered massage therapists, energy workers, fitness experts, and wellness coaches that all share the same level of dedication and commitment to their clients, bringing them into better health and life balance.

The Therapy Studio Team are enthusiastic supporters of everyone feeling at their very best.  We are committed to providing a variety of treatments, either directly or through referral, to our clients to help to move them into their personal optimal health and balance. Once this is achieved our clients will be able to live the life they have always envisioned for themselves. 

We care about you and if you are looking for a change or wants to continue on your self care journey, we know we can work together and find the right kind of health strategy for you.