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After - 12 treatments
Our client, despite regular work outs and eating well, was still dissatisfied with the look of her legs. She had some stretch marks, fatty lumps on her glutes as well as some cellulite along the upper leg into her gluteals, along the side of her leg and around her knees.  After 12 treatments she was very happy with her vacation photos.  She had a set of 12 treatments focused on her legs front and back and her gluteal region.  She maintains this by having a set of 5 booster treatments every four months.
This client was uncomfortable with her cellulite.  Although she lives a healthy lifestyle she has had cellulite for as long as she remembers.  It seems to run in her family.  She tried every cream and gel on the market with no results.  She was very frustrated and skeptical when she came to me.  This client has probably had around 24 treatments.  Double the recommended amount but the results have been fantastic.  It has been a long road but she stuck with it and is thrilled with her results.  She does a few maintenance treatments each year before vacations or the summer months and that seems to keep the cellulite away.
This client was tired of accepting that "this was how it was going to be" and did something to help reduce her cellulite and stretch marks considerably. She researched AWT and got in touch with us to try it out.  She was hopeful and so were we.  You can see the results and that there was a major changes in the firmness of her legs and a reduction in the lumps and bumps, stretch marks and even a large fatty nodule on the back of her knee was reduced.  This client never showed her legs.  They were always carefully covered up but now she proudly wears shorter dresses and shorts.